your heart

once i stopped being a narcissist

once i had kids

after my heart got full to bursting with love i never knew before, and the joy and gratitude, the awesome joy and responsibility of caring for them~how they only added to my life and never, ever, took anything from it

everything changed.

i know it’s not this way for some people

they’re tired

in a job they can’t thrive in, with check ins, and bells, and a clock that tells you when to get up, and move, or eat, or clock out now~you’re done.

soon, factory like jobs will no longer exist~for humans. i think that’s a good thing. it’s not human work. think out of the box. think opportunity. take responsibility. it’s empowering.

humans are meant to be expansive, and joyfilled, and creative, and able to move their bodies

we’re all fat now. fat with weight. fat with suffering. fat with tragedy

why we got off kilter isn’t a mystery

we got blindsided, seduced by someone else’s vision, their one sided vision, for power and money.

we got, as they say, sold a bill of goods

we’re paying for it

look at your life. don’t be afraid to do something different. to protect yourself, to embolden yourself, and those you care about.

to move that body of yours

no one else will

take a stand for your life

you are kind, you are strong, you are beautiful.

you’re meant for more