why is everyone afraid to tell the truth?

It’s always better to lie, right? To wrap your life in a pretty little package, and present yourself as fabulous, or “cured,” or at the very least, in love, and rockin’ the bod you secretly yearn for, yes?

This type of behavior doesn’t go well in my world. I kinda prefer someone to just be straight up, and tell the truth. This I’ve discovered, is not an easy quality to find in a human.

After a mild or explicit expose, people tend to ask a writer: “Was it cathartic? Wasn't it like therapy?”

The simple answer? No. Telling the truth is hard, and scary, and exhilarating, and the best thing one can do.

People who ask these questions don’t know me, ‘cause if they did, they’d know how I feel about therapy, for starters. Therapy it turns out, is a bunch of people like you and me - broken, suffering, hurting people, who don’t actually know lotsa stuff, but are balls to the walls full of opinions... Which might best be kept to themselves. These opinions they glean from the thing we call science/or statistics. At the moment, science will 9 out of 10 times recommend pharmaceuticals - for whatever ails you emotionally.

What if, just what if that something ailing you, is just trying to get your attention, because perhaps… well, you may be lying to yourself?

This is not a pleasant thought. Because that would mean one may have to change something. Don’t like that? Take the drugs.

Mind you, this is the same science which had leeches sucking blood out of us, back in the day, when we were sick.

Curiously, the medical administrations recommendations for pharmaceuticals can be “scientifically” and “statistically” challenged - depending on which “report” you’re reading. Hmmm. Side bar.

This is an item I’d studiously encourage one to question, and perhaps dodge, and is generally on my major “not to do” list.  The pharmaceutical thing. 

You’re aware dear reader, that science, the great anomaly we attribute such awesome God like smarts to, blindly regarding as mighty and all knowing, is just 300 years old. Yoga’s older than that. Not Lululemon yoga, but real, bonafide yoga. Which, by the way, were you aware only men were allowed to do when it began? Yes, indeedy. Discrimination goes way back.

Of course, I’d never tell anyone what to do, pharmaceutical or otherwise. I’m simply suggesting, that perhaps the answer may lie somewhere else, somewhere in between, somewhere inside one ~ if that someone can begin to tell the truth, to themselves and to their significant others.

Stll, that therapy thing…. It’s easier isn’t it, to have someone tell us what to do?

I’m possibly cured of feeling bad about asking for, and promoting truth from anyone. The pain of watching so many of us lie, to others and ourselves… I don’t see it end well. It causes relationships to drag on that should have ended aeons ago, jobs and locations to stay stuck in, and indeed parallels the 9 out of 10 recommendations for pharmaceuticals, because 9 out of 10 times our darling selves refuse to change. Be that a divorce, a move, a new job, a fill in the blank - and all this lack of movement mostly attributed to economic fears.

Fear. That’s the word. Fear doesn’t mean it’s real. It just means you’re afraid. Now you have something to work with.

P.S. I must acknowledge: after all my sweet years on the planet, it’s still an inside job. Definitely, a freaking inside job.