belly fat

this happened - I lost 4 pounds. this is good, very good! the best part? I lost 2.8 % body fat. how do I know? there are devices, that precisely measure this stuff. your home scale? forget about it! it’s the fat part you need measure/pay attention to. Lose fat, gain muscle.

Homie, at golds gym, was right. “Lift weights!” he’d shout, rolling his eyeballs at anyone in Lululemon prancing off to yoga.

this has taken an entire year. I’m not even kidding. it’s ridiculous the amount of time it’s taken. of course, it may have been that side bar with the Keto business, where I ate fat- lots of fat. did I mention how much fat I was eating? but I didn’t seem to burn any fat. or the primal business, where I was all paleo, never quite understanding what our ancestors actually ate. berries? definitely not Berry Garcia ice cream, and… no peanut butter allowed? be still, my heart.

then, there was the celery juice business. all the rage. I didn't even try. do you know how long it takes to clean a juicer? So, I decided to be a carnivore and eat meat. that did the trick. something happened. I got sated. as in full. this was a new, unusual feeling, this being full. a solitary diet of vegetables did not fill me up. it just made my stomach expand, widely.

then, I joined a gym.

after lying comatose in a cabin in tahoe, 3 winters in a row, due to blustery winds, below freezing temperatures, and 15 foot snow drifts blocking every door, I began to bob along like Winnie the pooh with his adorable tummy. this was not good, at all. couch potato’ing morphed into a couch marathon. I was not moving. this due to inclement weather 9 months of the the year! I don’t like the cold much, and I needed to move! literally. so I did. I sold the snow bound cabin, and drove non stop to Southern California where the sunshine lurks, and anyone can live in shorts 24/7.

of course, there was the cortisol thing. disguised as stress. that will put on a dress size or two, and keep you there. sigh. you have to handle the stress, or any combo of calories, big or small, won’t budge anything.

trust me on this.