staying stuck.

Question: how do you know if you have a problem?

Answer: you know.

Of course, there’s denial. I won’t dissect the four hundred and ninety two reasons people are in denial. It’s not that interesting. I leave the research to people who love that stuff.

Let’s just stick with the people who aren’t - in denial, or at the very least, they’re feeling a crack in the armor.

I was in denial forever. It was the river I rolled on. It didn’t matter if I got called on it - it was my cushion. There’s safety in staying numb and not paying attention. Of course, then it just becomes a bad habit. Until you become terribly miserable, and start to really hurt, and sit in your sadness a while. Could be a long while. I took a long while. I was stubborn. I’d been doing this denial business so long it was like a bad rap song- a lot of swearing, and things that didn’t make sense, and never a happily ever after.

What changes denial? What’s the magic pill that’s not a pill? Where can you sign up to have an epiphany, or find an “ah hah” moment?

Hmmm. My best guess? It’s in you. It’s in there. Something in you knows. Best pill ever.

The greatest advice I ever got? No one can give you advice.

If you’re miserable, or sad, and bingeing, or drinking, or in a broken relationship, or a miserable job… that’s a mountain of reasons to be unhappy! Maybe, that’s why there are mountains. To see your problems with a new perspective. In their giant awesomeness. It’s ok to be sad, and weary. It happens. When you’re ready to look at it all, take your denial buckle along with you. You don’t have to let it go completely, but start with what gets you closer to the mountain, to a new view, a new perspective. Get your gear, whatever you need, and start. Just start.

You know what to do. I have faith in you.