get a divorce, will ya?

Whatever happened to happily ever after?

…It could still happen.

Perhaps you don’t believe you deserve better. I get it. Sometimes, this belief is so old and stuck we’re not even aware its there. This I understand ~ too well. Listen up, there ain’t no time, like the present time, to give yourself a new reality. Y’all have to take some responsibility. We’re always part of the equation. That’s a good thing. That means you can do something different.

I used to live in a place that only included long suffering me. I was in that place fo-ev-ah. Honestly, it was just a bad habit. It always took forever to check the courage box and end any unhappy relationship ~ you hear me? There was always a tug of war, the doubt, the should I, shouldn’t I’s, the yammerings ~ that sound in your head that never stops when you’re trying to get out of a relationship and can’t make a move…just a loud, sustained, repetitive noise in your head ~ doubt, questioning, not trusting, a thousand what if’s. What if, what?

Maybe, if you see you’re doing both of you a disservice to live in this kind of limbo, that may shake it up.

If you hear yourself constantly wondering: “Should I stay or should I go?” I’d guess you know the answer. Not that I’m handing out any unsolicited advice here. And if you’ve been hiding your head in a bottle, or a sugar induced coma, don’t be discouraged, but know, you must ready yourself for the ensuing days after the final end of said dysfunctional relationship drama, to recover. It’s kinda like separation anxiety ~ you become an empty nester, not in the classic sense, though your significant other may be like a child… it may take a moment to forgive yourself for taking so freakin’ long before moving on.

You always have permission to live your one wonderful life. You have to be true to you. If freedom’s what you’re looking for, grab it. Grab it, and be grateful. Don’t be afraid. Or be afraid, and do it anyway.

Letting things go is hard. Breaking habits is hard. But aren’t you worth it?