who wrote the rules?...or, a fish walked into a bar

that’s the darwin story, right? us starting out as fish in water, growing legs, and now, ta-da! here we are~boozing it up with the best of ‘em! vodka tonic please!

what if you got land legs so you can make a difference?

what if you could make a really big difference?

what if you knew how important, smart, and capable you truly are? and not leave fixing stuff to other people? especially cuz some people’s idea of “fixing” stuff is definitely not for the good of the whole, as you can clearly see.

for example: plastics, toxic chemicals, pesticides, big pharma, health insurance, gun control, nra lobbyists, homelessness, violence, war, inequality, intolerance~just for starters.

no worries. everyone has an inner genius

give yourself a new vision for normal~for what you find acceptable~for what, and who, you’ll tolerate

i’ve dealt with an extraordinary amount of fear filled people~myself primarily. it’s absolutely possible to change.

fear leads to not acting, not doing anything. it keeps you stuck, and it sucks.

make a difference.

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