the experiment- trust yourself

if you’ve read the blog so far, you now have the skinny on me. you’ve seen I’ve failed at life, sometimes quite dramatically, in a host of arenas - health, relationships, addiction, and of course, money - the usual culprits. you’ve also seen how, at the 11th hour, when the shit gets a little too real, I’m able to pull myself up and out of every single situation and ride off into the sunset - so to speak. it’s true. no matter what’s happened, I’ve always found a solution - my own happy ending. I’m not saying it came easy, or fast, (though if I’d been a bit less stubborn, it would have), but keeping an eye on a solution, this is when time, and things, get the opportunity to right themselves.

you have to trust your instincts.

you really are the only one responsible for you.

I don’t have lots of patience for people who choose to stay stuck. it’s too painful. time is too precious. some people find me a bit too straightforward. if you want a nice, handsy, hold approach, that’s pretty much what you’ll get… someone holding your hand! there was a time I thought that’s what I needed, but as you can see, it didn't do me a bit of good.

remember, it doesn’t really matter where you started from - it’s more important to know where you want to go.