not gonna lie...

…writing a blog is not fun. I’d think twice about it, if you’re considering it. there’s probably a zillion blogs online now, or zines. you know what a zine is, right? they’re magazines without the MAGA part. nothing to do with trump, fyi.

o.k. writing can be fun, but doing it online…hello? who’s out there? is anyone there? besides the bots, I mean.

there’s a lot of talk about community on the internet. how important it is - community’s immunity, etc. on facebook, you have your facebook community! seriously? chatting with people you’ve never met? never seeing their real face? but, hey, it’s community!

enter wide eyed emoji here.


dating sites are better. you chat till you decide to meet, but at least you can meet! as in a face to face. I’ve known half a dozen people get married after meeting on tinder or match or whatever. they are, (initially), in the truest of love. don’t be fooled, sigh, that ol’ divorce rate still haunts online matches as well.