I don't really live in Los Angeles, FYI...although the contact form shows a very pretty map of LA. don't get me wrong. I like Los Angeles! as a matter of fact, I could say, I love LA!

where I live now, which shall remain secret, in case someone gets a crazy idea to post my real location, and tour buses start going back and forth at all times of day and night in hopes of catching a glimpse of my famous self, my neighbors will not be pleased. at all.

I could be famous. my friend Kim tells me that. all. the. time. as a matter of fact, Kim means it definitively, as in right now! I am famous. when I was at the gym yesterday, the trainer said I was famous. is this a sign? is the universe encouraging me to embrace my new state?

that of course, is what led to covert operations per the actual location of my home/office. because, let’s face it. it’s both. a home, and an office. aren’t they all becoming that way? don’t we all work out of our homes? ok. no, we don’t all work out of our homes, or I wouldn’t have a gym to go to, where the coach said that not only was my bench press lookin’ pretty good, but that I was famous.