you can never be too rich. or too thin.

the truth is: you can be too thin. the too rich part? that’s complicated.

have you noticed? money has the ability to draw people to you, especially if they want a handout, or need to feel secure- you’ll get the check, right? for a minute, you may be ok with that. you can buy love, but in the end, it leaves everyone empty. money itself, is nothing. it’s you - you and time - that bring value to life. that’s the real transaction. the security thing? that keeps people in unhealthy relationships.

I’m good with money. the saving part. the not spending part. it’s important to know, though, when to let it go, to let it bring you happiness. I’ve watched people get lost in thoughtless spending, get in boatloads of debt, and suffer, and complain, and agonize, and do it all over again. after they declare bankruptcy.

That inheritance? people wait forever to get it, and are so fear filled, they try to steal it from others. this breaks the family. the fact is, the family was already broken - it’s just no one took the time to notice.

people get weird around money, and give it powers it doesn’t have. they’re afraid to say they’re scared, or broke, because they don’t believe the truth will help, so they just fake it, and you get caught in the crossfire.

the greatest courage is asking for what you want. the greatest courage is admitting when you’re lost.

I used to believe it will all work out, but you know what? sometimes it doesn't. here’s the thing. being honest, with yourself and the people who matter, lets you start from a place that’s real.

and that, that is priceless.